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Your putter is one of the most important golf clubs in your bag!

You will use your putter more than any other club and the right one can make a huge difference to your score.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Golf Putter

Golf Gear Australia own the Onyx brand and have a large selection of affordable premium putters to choose from.

With the putter being the most used club in a golf bag, it’s important to make your choice carefully.

Alignment. Most modern putters are designed with Alignment lines on the top of the putter head. This is to assist you to aim the putter face correctly.

Grip. Many of the current putters are fitted with a midsize or oversize putter grip. These types of grips will help you keep the putter face square to the target line through impact.

Balance. Putter heads typically weigh around 360 grams and have a shaft length for men of 35” and for ladies 34”. Unless you are unusually tall or short this head and shaft combination will suit most golfers

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