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Keep your balls warm and get more distance

by: Golf Gear on

Keep your balls warm and get more distance.  

The molecules of a warm golf ball are very active, moving at very high speeds so the ball is very elastic. But in a cold golf ball the molecules move much more slowly. This makes the ball harder and far less elastic.

A warm golf ball remains intact with the clubface for a split second but in that time the ball flattens elastically against the club. More surface area in contact with the clubface means more energy transferred from the club to the ball and the ball launches with astonishing recoil.

A cold less elastic golf ball doesn’t compress nearly as much which means less surface area in contact with the club face for a shorter period of time resulting in less energy transferring from the club which adds up to less distance. 

Tests have shown a warm golf ball can go up to 10 metres further than a cold golf ball. So, in winter, if you want extra distance – keep your ball warm!!!

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