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3 Reason to Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs

by: Golf Gear on

3 Reasons Why You Should Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs

1. The most important reason is because golf clubs fitted with old, worn or smooth grips tend to twist in your hands during impact robbing you of length and accuracy. To hit the golf ball long and straight you must have control over your golf club and to do that your golf grips must be in good condition. Long straight shots will help to drop your score.

2. To improve your touch and feel around the green. As grips age they become hard and smooth and your feel and touch around the green diminishes. New grips will feel soft and supple and will assist you to pitch and chip the ball closer to the flag. Chipping your golf ball closer to the flag will help you to drop your score.

3. Re-gripping your golf clubs with the correct size grip will improve your swing and your ball striking. If you are using a grip that is too thick, your hands will need to work harder to square the club face at impact. If your golf grip is too thin, your hands can close the club face prematurely through impact.
Golf Grips are available in four different sizes so to play your best golf make sure you choose the correct thickness grip. 

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